Research directions and advantages of Cheng Group

  Based on the field of building materials, the laboratory focuses on the research on the composition design, basic theory, synthesis and preparation technology and performance, and engineering applications of building materials, forming high-performance cement-based materials, cement-based functional composite materials, and new types of walls. Materials, ecological building materials, nano-modified gelling materials and energy building materials.

Research group's Landmark research results and impact of Cheng Group

  In recent years, the group has undertaken the "863" project of the national high-tech research plan, the "973" pre-research project of the country, the national key basic research development plan topics and sub-projects, the national science and technology support plan,  international cooperation projects, There are more than 70 scientific foundation (key) projects, joint projects of the Fund Committee and the region, and more than 40 other provincial and municipal scientific research projects and horizontal projects. The research results have won 2 second prizes for national technological inventions, and domestic and foreign more than 220 invention patents, and published more than 210 SCI-accepted papers in important academic journals at home and abroad. The research results have been applied to a number of national major and critical infrastructure projects such as the Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge, the Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Rail, and have achieved significant economic and social benefits.

Landmark achievement 1: production technology and engineering applications of specialised cement and cement-based engineering materials

  In view of the major problem of ordinary Portland cement that cannot accommodate the harsh environment and meet the requirements of special engineering, the systematic scientific basis and application research were carried out in order to initially reveal the relationship between the valence bond structure of barium sulphoaluminate (strontium) calcium and hydration activity, and establish the function of composition, microstructure and properties of barium sulphoaluminate (strontium) calcium. The preparation, industrial production and application of the series specialised cements base on barium sulphoaluminate (strontium) calcium were realized. Thus we have won the second prize of national technological innovation and seven provincial-level awards, and published more than fifty SCI papers and one monograph. This research direction has been supported by about ten national-level projects, forty ministerial and enterprise-level projects. The related research achievements have been produced in more than ten factories, used in more than twenty key engineerings.

Landmark achievement 2: preparation and engineering application of cement-based functional materials

  Due to the presence of safety accidents caused by structural damage of concrete engineering and lack of desirable safety monitoring materials for concrete engineering, a series of cement-based piezoelectric composite monitoring materials were invented and a set of preparation technology of monitoring materials and devices was established, which have break through the isotropy of existing monitoring materials and then realize the accurate location of concrete structure damage. Hence our group have won the second prize of national technological innovation and provincial-level award, and published more than fifty SCI papers and one monograph. The research direction has been supported by more than twenty national key projects, twenty ministerial and enterprise-level projects. The related research achievements have been used in many key engineering, such as Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, Qingdao Bay Bridge.

Landmark achievement 3: preparation and engineering applications of green and eco-friendly building materials

  Systematic researches on concrete mineral hydration self-repair for the improvement of durability, and nanometer modification on the fiber surface for the enhancement of corrosion resistance and toughness, as well as nanometer modification on the concrete surface for the promotion of durability and functional characteristics were performed for the issue that cement production can recycle a large amount of industrial wastes but affect the concrete performances. Base on above works, we have published more than twenty SCI papers and obtained more than ten patents, including PCT international patent and Chinese invention patents. These researches have been supported by National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program) and six national natural science foundation projects, which have been successfully applied in Ninglang Luguhu Airport in Yunnan Province and Guanze financial center in Shenzhen.

  In recent years, our group have developed the extensive and in-depth cooperation with scholars from major international institutions engaged in cement and concrete research, such as Purdue University, Columbia University, University of Leeds, Technical University of Munich. National Natural Science Foundation of China and BRICS science, technology and innovation framework program, Shandong Province “Double-Hundred Talent Plan” (For Team), Shandong Province High-End Foreign Experts Introduction Project, Jinan "Quancheng High-End Foreign Trade Special Plan" have been approved. "Joint Laboratory on Building Materials University of Jinan and Technische Universität München was established in 2018. Two international conferences were hosted in 2017 and 2018.

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