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Marine engineering construction, such as islands in the South China Sea, civil and military pier, marine infrastructure, border fortifications, are related closely with one belt and one road strategy implement, marine defense construction and rapid rise as the marine big and powerful country. The performance requirement of marine con-crete is strict due to the harsh surrounding of marine engineering, including tide and stormy waves scouring, sev-ere cold freezing, and sulfate and chloride ion corrosion. At present, ordinary Portland cement as the cementitio-us materials are used in most of the marine engineering. Due to the limitation of its component system, the severe erosion problem was not fundamentally settled. It is reported that every year 400 billion yuan is spent to repair and strength marine engineering. Therefore, much attention has been paid to this worldwide problem about the safe-ty and durability of marine engineering, which has been the research spot for a long time.

According to the above problem, Professor Cheng Xin raised an innovative idea about the development of a new type of cement, which has excellent resistance to erosion, high anti-permeability, rapid hardening and high mechanical performance. So the new type of special cement, calcium barium (or strontium) sulphoaluminate ce-ment, was invented, prepared and used. The problem of low resistance to erosion and anti-permeability of marine engineering was effectively settled. The service life and safe reliability of marine engineering have been improved significantly. The new system of calcium barium (or strontium) sulphoaluminate cement was established, whic-h has our own intellectual property. Nowadays, this research direction has been supported by about ten national-  level projects, forty ministerial and enterprise-level projects. The related research achievements have been produ-ced in more than ten factories, used in more than twenty key engineerings.

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